Bodyguard Daddy

Bodyguard Daddy

by Lisa Childs

Imprint: Romantic Suspense

Release date: 01/02/2016

Pages: 220 Pages

ISBN: 9781489206183

“Wait,” a deep voice advised. “Don’t move. You might be injured.”

She recognised the voice and the hands.

Those same hands had lifted her from the backseat.

Those hands had once touched her, caressed her…

Her passion had equalled his; she’d wanted him as badly and as often as he’d wanted her.

It made walking away from then-fiancee Amber Talsma one of the hardest things bodyguard Milek Kozminski had ever had to do.

But it was nothing compared to the shock of hearing she'd been killed in a car accident alongside the son Milek knew, deep down, was his.

Amber will do anything to keep her child safe. Which was why she had to fake their deaths— to evade the assailant who murdered her boss, then came after her. But now someone has found them. And when Milek learns the truth, he'll stop at nothing to protect his son.

After all that’s happened, can they finally stop running, and return to the ones they never stopped loving?

Both lives and hearts are on the line in this standalone second-chance romantic suspense.

About the author

Lisa Childs

Lisa Childs

Lisa has been writing since she could first form sentences and transfer them to paper with crayon. Born soft-spoken into a big, boisterous family where only he who speaks loudest is heard, she learned early to express herself through the written word.Her first books revolved around the antics of the family dog until she discovered Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Then writing mysteries became second nature for the author who arrived in the world on a dark, stormy Halloween night. When she was 11, the local paper interviewed her for a book she had written involving a kidnapping plot.During... more