Dare She Date Again?

Dare She Date Again?

by Amy Ruttan

Imprint: Medical

Release date: 30/09/2014

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781488707148

To love again…?

Single mum and paramedic Samantha Doxtator has been living with a broken heart after losing her husband years ago. Now she’s finally back on track and following her dream to become an air ambulance pilot…after training one last student – George Atavik!

After nearly losing his life in a plane crash George will not waste the second chance he’s been given and won’t deny the sparks flying between him and his new mentor. Dare Samantha risk her own carefully guarded heart for another opportunity at happiness?

About the author

Amy Ruttan

Amy Ruttan

Amy Ruttan is an erotic romance and romance author whose first book released from Ellora’s Cave in September 2007. She writes under many subgenres. Under the name A.C. Ruttan she writes Urban Fantasy for Samhain Publishing.She writes sensuous passionate romance whether it’s a little bit on the steamy side or a little bit spicier; her romances are always timeless and full of passion.What Amy loves most about writing, especially in the historical genre, is the research that goes into her fiction. She loves to learn about new places and new things. She travels the world in her living room through... more