Portrait Of A Scandal/Lady Beneath The Veil/The Major's Wife

Portrait Of A Scandal/Lady Beneath The Veil/The Major's Wife

by Annie Burrows, Sarah Mallory, Lauri Robinson

Imprint: Historical

Release date: 01/02/2014

Pages: 852 Pages

ISBN: 9781488703973

Portrait Of A Scandal — Annie Burrows

Her heart and hope long since shattered, Amethyst Dalby is content with her life as an independent woman. Until a trip to Paris throws her into contact with the one man who still has a hold over her — Nathan Harcourt! Living as an artist, Nathan is determined to show Amethyst that life is much more fun if you walk on the dark side.

Lady Beneath The Veil — Sarah Mallory

When Gideon Albury lifts his new bride’s veil he can’t believe his eyes — this dark-haired dab of a girl isn’t the golden beauty he’s been courting! Gideon resolves to seek an annulment at the earliest opportunity, so he must make sure Dominique Rainault’s virtue stays intact. But despite their good intentions, the marital bed beckons...

The Major’s Wife — Lauri Robinson

Major Seth Parker knows his wife, and this manipulative vixen that tricked him into marriage could never possess such innocence!

Millie St Clair has travelled far to pull off one of the greatest deceptions ever. But with everything at stake, it becomes clear the hardest part might be walking away from the Major when it’s all over...

About the author

Annie Burrows

Annie Burrows

Annie Burrows was born in Suffolk, England, to parents who loved to read. Her home was always full of books, and every Saturday they went to the local library to stock up on more! Always a bit of a daydreamer, Annie began to make up stories in her own head during long walks to and from school, and during the prolonged bouts of illness that kept her in bed.Part of every family holiday was spent visiting stately homes, or exploring ruined castles. As soon as they got home, Annie and her older sister would either dress up as lords and... more

Sarah Mallory

Sarah Mallory

Born in Bristol, Sarah Mallory grew up telling stories. She would make up adventures to relate to her school friends during break times and lunch hours, and was once caught scribbling a story instead of listening to the French lesson. As a punishment, her teacher made her translate the story into French!She left school at sixteen and worked in offices as varied as stockbrokers, marine engineers, insurance brokers, biscuit manufacturers and even a quarrying company. Sarah married at nineteen, but continued to work until the birth of her first child. It was at that time that she decided to try... more

Lauri Robinson

Lauri Robinson

Lauri Robinson’s chosen genre to write is Western historical, and when asked why, she says, “Because I know I wasn’t the only girl who wanted to grow up and marry Little Joe Cartwright.”With a degree in early childhood education, Lauri has spent three decades working in the nonprofit field for Head Start, Child Abuse Intervention, the March of Dimes and United Way. She claims the once-upon-a-time and happily-ever-after premise of romance novels has always been a form of stress relief. When her husband suggested she write one, she took the challenge and has loved every minute of the journey.Lauri lives... more