Dating A Single Dad

Dating A Single Dad

by Kris Fletcher

Imprint: Essence

Release date: 31/07/2014

Pages: 250 Pages

ISBN: 9781488703157

Brynn Catalano is in Comeback Cove to help her cousin with a relationship crisis and plan a major anniversary celebration for the local dairy. Sure, her new landlord, Hank North, is worth a second look…or three! But she’s here only for a short time, and definitely not for romance, especially with a single dad.

Still, she can’t resist Hank's daughter, Millie. The girl is almost as charming as her gorgeous daddy and Brynn is surprised at how easily their twosome accommodates her…and how much she likes that. Yet, when the job and the crisis are over there’s nothing to keep Brynn here. Or is there?

About the author

Kris Fletcher

Kris Fletcher

Kris Fletcher has been to five of the seven continents, can speak about a dozen words in Russian, and can fold a fitted sheet without swearing (though not always on the first try). She holds a Master's degree in Child and Family Studies, which she puts to work every day in her dual careers of raising children and writing fiction. She is an adoption advocate, a semi-recovered volunteer, and the proud possessor of Harrison Ford's autograph on an article she wrote about him.Kris grew up in southern Ontario, went to school in Nova Scotia, married a man from Maine, and... more