His Kind Of Trouble

The Berringers #3

His Kind Of Trouble

by Samantha Hunter

Imprint: Blaze

Release date: 01/02/2013

Pages: 216 Pages

ISBN: 9781460894705

Danger is bodyguard Chance Berringer's first, last and middle name. Protecting celebrity chef Ana Perez - a hot little firecracker with a mouth to match - for two weeks in Mexico is more vacation than job. Just keeping his eyes on her, and his hands off. How hard can it be? But when the heat starts sizzling in the bedroom - and beyond - will this hot tamale cause more trouble than Chance can handle?

About the author

Samantha Hunter

Samantha Hunter

Samantha Hunter lives in Syracuse, NY, where after working as a university writing instructor for ten years she began writing full-time at home. Her first book was a Harlequin Blaze, Virtually Perfect, which was the very first book she ever wrote and submitted (so don't think it can't happen!). Since then, she's written seven more Blaze books, with more on the horizon.When she's not writing, reading about writing, thinking about writing, or talking about writing, Sam enjoys spending time with family and friends, walking with her husband and their dogs (usually picking his brain on plots and character development, or... more