The Summer Romance Collection - 3 Book Box Set

The Summer Romance Collection - 3 Book Box Set

by Dianne Drake, Elizabeth Bevarly, Cindi Myers

Imprint: Box Sets

Release date: 01/01/2013

Pages: 523 Pages

ISBN: 9781460889916

Playing Games by Dianne Drake

On-air, she's the radio shrink who tells lovelorn listeners to let their hang-ups go. Off-air, she's mild-mannered Roxy Rose, whose libido is in urgent need of repair. On-air he's the dark chocolate-voiced caller who makes critical remarks about everything she says. Off-air, he's Ned Proctor, a handyman and her neighbour. But it's rather odd that he doesn't know one end of a wrench from the other...

Undercover With The Mob by Elizabeth Bevarly

It's true what they say - all the good guys are married...or have Mob connections! And Natalie Dorset should know. The guy who moved in downstairs may be gorgeous, but the things he says - and the way he dresses - well, let's just say that Jack Miller isn't the type you bring home to Mum. Good enough reason for Natalie to stay clear.

What Phoebe Wants by Cindi Myers

Half of humanity - the half with the Y chromosome - seems to think mild-mannered Phoebe Frame is a pushover. Like her ex, her boss, oily used-car salesmen and the anonymous owner of those roving hands in the morning elevator to name just a few. But now she's got a new motto. And it starts What Phoebe Wants...

Phoebe is taking control. She's sitting in the driver's seat and she's not taking orders from anyone. Not even the hunky young thing who's captured her eye. If Jeff Fischer wants to hitch a ride, then he better hang on. Because before she's through, those Ys will have learned a thing or two...!

About the author

Dianne Drake

Dianne Drake

Dianne, a relative newcomer to romance fiction, is best known for her nonfiction work under the name JJ Despain. She has written seven nonfiction books, and her magazine articles have appeared in Country Living, Oxygen, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Ladies’ Home Journal, Better Homes & Gardens, Parenting, Teen, Seventeen, and Writer’s Digest. In addition to her writing, Dianne teaches a dozen writing workshops every year and also teaches a writing and publishing course at a state university.Dianne’s formal educational background is in classical music and nursing, with college degrees in both. She was a former symphonic bass player in her... more

Elizabeth Bevarly

Elizabeth Bevarly

Elizabeth Bevarly was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, and earned her BA with honours in English from the University of Louisville in 1983. Although she never wanted to be anything but a novelist, her career detours before making the leap to writing included stints working in movie theatres, restaurants, boutiques and major department stores.She also spent time as an editorial assistant for a medical journal, where she learned the correct spellings and meanings of a variety of words (like microscopy and histological) that she will never ever use again. Finally, in 1989, she sold her first novel, Destinations... more

Cindi Myers

Cindi Myers

Cindi believes in love at first sight, good chocolate, cold champagne, that people who don't like animals can't be trusted, and that God obviously has a sense of humour. She also believes in writing fun, sexy romances about people she hopes readers will fall in love with.Blessed with an overactive imagination and a love of reading, Cindi wrote her first story at age eight about the family's Siamese cat. At age twelve she submitted her first manuscript, hand-written and illustrated with crayon drawings, to Little, Brown and Company. She received a very kind rejection letter advising her to study hard... more