Always The Best Man

Always The Best Man

by Fiona Harper

Imprint: Forever Romance

Release date: 01/09/2012

Pages: 300 Pages

ISBN: 9781460885314

Standing at the altar, Damien Stone is breathless as the woman he loves walks towards him- to marry another man! Knowing bridesmaid Zoe's watching him makes it even harder. The opposite of the bride, Zoe's too loud, too vibrant, too...everything! She's the only woman he really can't stand.

Catching Damien looking at her critically, Zoe can't resist provoking him. Just once she'd like to see ‘Mr Perfect' lose his cool- she can tell there are fireworks smouldering behind those pale-blue eyes.

Before the wedding night is over, Zoe will succeed in breaking Damien's iron-hard self-control...but their unexpected connection will threaten to undermine everything both believe about themselves…

About the author

Fiona Harper

Fiona Harper

As a child, Fiona was constantly teased for two things: having her nose in a book and living in a dream world. Things haven't changed much since then, but at least in writing she's found a use for her runaway imagination.Fiona lives in London, but her other favourite places to be are the Highlands of Scotland and the English countryside on a summer's afternoon. She loves dancing, cooking and anything cinnamon-flavoured. Of course, she still can't keep away from a good book or a good movie—especially romances—but only if she's stocked up with tissues, because she knows she will need... more