The Sister Swap

Dangerous Liaisons (M&B) #5

The Sister Swap

by Susan Napier

Imprint: Modern

Release date: 05/07/2012

Pages: 155 Pages

ISBN: 9781460877319

Dangerous Liaisons

Too Close for Comfort!

Anne: it was a daring deception, but she always put her family first. Her sister desperately needed some time alone and Anne would at last have the chance to study at college. But there was something someone she hadn't bargained for .

Hunter Lewis: visiting professor and Anne's very attractive neighbour. He was soon immensely suspicious of her .

However, Hunter's arrogant assumptions about Anne made it easier for her not to let him into her apartment or into her heart. For it would be disastrous if Hunter discovered that Anne had been left quite literally holding the baby!

By the author of Savage Courtship.
"Susan Napier is a whiz at stirring up both breathtaking sensuality and emotional tension that keeps readers booked till the boiling point." Romantic Times

About the author

Susan Napier

Susan Napier

Susan Napier was born (appropriately, for a romance writer) February 14, St. Valentine s Day, in Auckland, New Zealand. She was 11 years old when her first story was published — on the children's page of a daily newspaper — and from that time on she was a confirmed scribbler. By the time she graduated from high school she was determined to make writing her full-time career.Her first job was as a reporter at the Auckland Star, the city's leading evening newspaper. It was there that she met her archetypal hero, the newspaper's tall, dark, and handsome chief reporter, Englishman... more