Colby Law

Colby, TX #1

Colby Law

by Debra Webb

Imprint: Intrigue

Release date: 01/07/2012

Pages: 216 Pages

ISBN: 9781460808023

To solve the most heinous murder in the history of Texas, Colby investigator Lyle McCaleb has an unusual mission: find and protect the killer's long-lost daughter. But she turns out to be tough - and gorgeous - rancher Sadie Gilmore, Lyle's first and only love!

Now the mysterious past she barely remembers is threatening her very existence. Can Lyle regain Sadie's trust while concealing the secret that may devastate her...?

About the author

Debra Webb

Debra Webb

DEBRA WEBB is the award-winning, USA TODAY bestselling author of more than 130 novels, including those from the reader-favorite series Faces of Evil, Colby Agency and Shades of Death. With more than four million books sold in numerous languages and countries, Debra has a love of storytelling that goes back to her childhood on a farm in Alabama. more