Bet On My Heart

Bet On My Heart

by J.M. Jeffries

Imprint: Kimani

Release date: 31/03/2015

Pages: 150 Pages

ISBN: 9780857993991

Theyre turning up the heat!

French-trained chef Donovan Russell needs a change—a big one. So hes trading in his five-star Parisian kitchen for the restaurants at his grandmothers up-and-coming Reno casino. Donovans cooking techniques are flawless. It will be culinary soon as he convinces his spirited and unconventional new pastry chef to follow his rules!

Hendrix Beausolies never follows recipes. Her desserts are a mouthwatering riot of complex flavors, each more delicious than the last. Where Donovan is all structure and precision, Hendrix cooks with instinct and experimentation. But when someone starts sabotaging their kitchens, they are forced to work together—will they discover a shared passion for more than just food?

About the author

J.M. Jeffries

J.M. Jeffries

Writing romance novels, J.M. Jeffries is the award winning writing team of Miriam Pace and Jacqueline Hamilton. Authors of romantic suspense and romantic comedies, they can’t decide if they like killing people more than they like making them laugh. Miriam and Jackie have been writing together for eleven years, though it seems longer on occasion when they are on deadline. Miriam thinks Jackie is a master manipulator. Jackie knows Miriam is a bulldozer. Miriam has a deep and passionate love for shoes, amber jewelry and purebred cats. Jackie collects red lipsticks, Animaniacs memorabilia and steals pens. Together they’ve written over... more