A Mother's Special Care

by Jessica Matthews

Release date: 03/2017
Imprint: Mills & Boon Medical

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About the book

Dr. Mac Grant loves his son with all his heart but is struggling to be the father he deserves — hes a single dad with a demanding career. Juggling the two is proving difficult, and he is well aware of his sons longing for a mother.

Lori Ames is a nurse on Macs ward. As a single mother with a beautiful daughter of her own, she can bestow the special care that both their children so desperately need. Mac needs her, too, but is a marriage of convenience enough...when what she really craves is his love?

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About the Author

Jessica Matthews

Jessica Matthews grew up in the Midwest. The first school she attended was a little one-room country schoolhouse within walking distance of her home. Although she was only four, the teacher allowed her to come with her older sister every Friday morning so she could "go to school".

The next year the little country school closed and she went to school about six miles from home, jumping right into first grade because they didn't offer a kindergarten class. Although she struggled with her...


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