Billionaire's Baby Promise

by Sarah M. Anderson

Release date: 03/2017
Imprint: Mills & Boon Desire

Series: Billionaires and Babies


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About the book

For the babys sake… 

Secretive billionaire Daniel Lee is known for being ruthless. But hes discovered his conscience when it comes to Christine Murray. Once, hed smeared her name to win a campaign. Now that shes back in the spotlight, with a precious baby to protect, Daniels determined to make amends. Even if rescuing Christine and her daughter means sweeping them away to a life he shares with no one… 

Hell do anything to earn Christines trust…and to have her in his bed. But now that the sexy single mom and her adorable daughter are on his turf, he cant seem to let them go…

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About the Author

Sarah M. Anderson

I spent my childhood wandering through the woods behind our house, pretending to be an Indian. Later, when I fully discovered horses, it prompted my mother the history teacher to put anything and everything about the High Plains tribes into my hands. This infatuation lasted for over a decade.

At some point, I got away from Indians. My mother blames boys. I discovered Victorian novels and didn't look back - not for almost two decades. I got a Bachelor's of Arts in English from Truman State...


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