Valentine's Day Collection 2017

by Carla Cassidy, Candace Havens, Leah Martyn, Jane Porter, Jill Shalvis

Release date: 01/2017
Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Sell price: AU$ 11.99

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About the book

Be Mine, Cowboy —  Jane Porter

Years ago, Rachel James gave Cade King an ultimatum, and he walked. Heartbroken, Rachel moved on. Life is tough as a single mom, but Rachel is doing just fine. Now Cade's back after burning up the rodeo circuit, and things are different. He's sober, but with one burning regret. He has some work to do to show Rachel he's changed-but he's up to the challenge.

Together Again? — Jill Shalvis

Accountant Chloe Cooper laughs when a fortune teller predicts that her life will be changed by true love — and that her karma is about to take a nosedive. Until Chloe walks straight into her former lover, FBI agent Ian McCall. Ian is even more handsome and more built than he was before, and neither can deny that the attraction between them is still intense. But Ian is being very secretive about why he’s suddenly back in Chloe’s life. Is this the fortune teller’s first prediction coming true…or the second?

Her Sexy Marine Valentine — Candace Havens

Seeing the gorgeous military man across the street heats Mari McGuire from head to toe. And when First Lieutenant Brody Williams rescues her from a run-in with her ex by pretending to be her boyfriend, Mari knows she’s got it bad… They’re friends first, and friends help each other out. Mari needs a hand renovating her old Victorian house and Brody needs a girlfriend to get his promotion. It’s the perfect temporary arrangement — and then there’s the sizzling chemistry. It's wickedly racy. But neither of them expects Cupid's arrow to aim for their hearts!

Her Secret, His Duty — Carla Cassidy

When Debra Prentice discovers she’s pregnant, she knows two things are true: that she can’t wait to become a mother...and that she can never reveal the father’s identity to anyone. Because not only is Trey Winston her boss's son, he’s also got his eye on the North Carolina senator's seat — and he doesn't need a scandal. But when Debra organises Trey’s fund-raising dinner, the sparks of passion reignite! Trey should stay away from her, but when Debra’s life is threatened, Trey promises to keep her — and, unknowingly, the baby she carries — safe.

Redeeming Dr Riccardi — Leah Martyn

Rafe Riccardi, the smouldering new Registrar, is in need of an attitude adjustment, and feisty Nurse Toni plans to teach him a lesson! But redeeming this dangerously brooding doctor is a risk. Something tells Toni that a reformed Rafe will be even more tempting…and dangerous to her heart!

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