Indecent Arrangements

by Mira Lyn Kelly, Anna Cleary, Julia James

Release date: 06/2014
Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Sell price: AU$ 9.99

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About the book

Tabloid Affair, Secretly Pregnant! — Mira Lyn Kelly

Payton Liss hasn’t seen Nate Evans since high school. Now she and millionaire Nate are guests at the same wedding when he offers her a wild proposal — a scandalous, irresistible affair!

Nate’s outrageous proposition was supposed to stay only paper thin; it was merely a ploy to distract the tabloids from another, all-too-real scandal. But neither expected such a public affair to prove so hot in private, or to have such lasting consequences…

Do Not Disturb — Anna Cleary

As a teenager, Mirandi Summers was a virginal preacher's daughter. Joe Sinclair was the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Wild, dangerous Joe led Mirandi deliciously astray.

Now Mirandi's been made executive assistant to CEO Joe Sinclair surprisingly, the bad boy's done well! But on a business trip, Mirandi discovers Joe's devilish side isn't far beneath his polished exterior…

Forbidden Or For Bedding? — Julia James

Alexa Harcourt only ever spends one night with Guy de Rochemont — never more. On her arrival at his Italian villa or his Monaco mansion, expensive presents await her. But Alexa knows she’ll never be more than the 'de Rochemont Mistress'.

Guy's name is a byword for wealth and power — and now his duty is to wed. Virgin heiresses covet pride of place in his marital bed. But Alexa — the one woman Guy wants — is also the one woman whose reputation forbids him to take her as his wife...

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