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Instead of the usual where-were-you-born-what-do-you-do-for-fun, here are some interesting facts that few people know about Marilyn Pappano.

Her favourite colour is orange in all its vibrant shades and she loves orange M&Ms because they just seem to taste sweeter! As a child, she had a speech impediment and because of it would rarely talk to anyone she knew.

She once recovered a stolen car in North Carolina, and a stolen number plate in Oklahoma, and didn’t get credit for either! (“Police report they found the car in a wooded area.” Well, yes, because she told them where it was!)

Marilyn likes to change her hair colour regularly. Her theory being there’s nothing she can do to permanently damage it; it always grows back. Even the time that it broke off at the roots first (and that wasn’t her fault!). But the time it turned iridescent green was!

She also loves flamingos, (the tackier, the better), collects Mardi Gras’ masks, (only the gorgeous feather creations) and loathes reality TV and sports. She also freely admits to being horrible about answering email. Or phone calls. Or regular mail.

But she loves books, of course!

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