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The youngest of five children, Jennie Adams was born and raised in rural New South Wales Australia where dinner table conversations about farm work ensured she had a strong constitution, and helping to yard cattle proved she could scale a pole fence at the speed of light if the need arose.

Jennie credits her storytelling streak to her father, whose repertoire of bush and fishing yarns were as endless as they were captivating, and her love of reading to her mother. To her sister she would like to credit her messy streak, and to her brothers, her fear of motorbikes, and her long-standing belief that snakes could enter a house via the drain in the bottom of the bathtub.

Despite the demands of life on a farm and having to get on the bus for school far too early each morning, Jennie managed to spend many long hours with her nose buried in a book. After cutting her reading teeth on such books as Heidi and Anne of Green Gables, Jennie wrote her way through High School, producing page after page of very bad poetry.

Her career as an author really began the day she realised how wonderful it must feel to create the books that others read, although it would be many years more before she saw a book in print.

Life took a detour after that. Marriage, children, numerous jobs including, working as a bank officer, a motor mechanic office administrator, a piano teacher and an audio transcription typist, to name a few.

Eventually, Jennie's love of stories and storytelling formed into a very solid desire to become a romance novelist. After dabbling in articles and short stories and forcing her daughter to listen to a self-created, rather long-winded and plotless childrens tale that seemed quite brilliant at the time, Jennie wrote her first romance novel in 1997. At that point, she realised she had found the vocation of her heart. Jennie made her first sale to Mills & Boon Tender in 2004.

Jennie and her family continue to live in country New South Wales, in a place that is too large for a town and too small for a city, and sports as many farmers as office workers. When she isn't writing, Jennie loves to walk in the early mornings with her husband, go to the movies, or go out for long lunches with her girlfriends.

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